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Water Distribution for Farmers

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Agricultural and Municipal Uses The Purgatoire River Water Conservancy District (PRVVCD District) was created pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes on December 2, 1960, to manage water distribution for agricultural+- and municipal uses to the farmers. The purpose of the formation of the District was to provide a legal entity capable of contracting with the United States for repayment of the irrigation, municipal and industrial component assigned to the Trinidad project and to provide a management entity to oversee the project.

Other responsibilities included are surveying managing the existing project water resources for equitable distribution to District membersand basin rivers, taking actions necessary to secure and ensure an adequate water supply in the present and future, constructing ·.vater reservoirs, entering into contracts with other water entitites agencies, (such as the Bureau of Reclamation), managing the District's Enterprise organizing special assessment districts, providing for in stream flows for fisheries and other legal responsibilities of needed by the District.

On February 10, 1967, the District executed a repayment contract with the United States whereby it assumed a debt of $6,465,600. 00, which is to be repaid over a 70-year period. This contract term was extended in 2018 to 75 years under existing congressional authorization.