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Main Feature of Trinidad Project

The main feature of the Trinidad Project is Trinidad Dam, located several miles west of the City of Trinidad, on the Purgatoire River in Las Animas County, Colorado. The dam, which was constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers, is of the earth fill type of construction - having a height of 208 feet above the stream bed, and crest elevation of 6,298 feet above mean sea level.

The reservoir created by the dam has a total capacity of 125,967 acre-feet, which is allocated to the following uses:

Flood Control51,000 Acre Feet
Irrigation & M & I20,000 Acre Feet
Permanent Recreation & Fishery15,967 Acre Feet
Joint Use & Sediment Pool39,000 Acre Feet

The irrigation and Joint Use Pools are utilized to provide storage for the irrigation by ten project ditches, of up to 19,499 acres in the project area, and for municipal use by the City of Trinidad. Each of the participating ditches has repayment contracts with the District whereby annual payments are made based upon available water during the year.

The Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation operates Trinidad State Park at the Reservoir site and provides a wide array of recreational opportunities.